Wednesday, July 12, 2006

FREEWAY-CER comes to us from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, adapted for modern day use, utilising ancient knowledge from over 3000 years ago. FREEWAY-CER is more than a tapping routine, it uses ancient Chi Gung methods which have been passed down from the Great Grand Masters, Ancient Ayurvedic methods for a healthy diet which are compatible for each individuals make-up, Ancient sound healing are also used for specific organs to keep them healthy. Breath control methods for instant relaxation, advanced healing methods which have been used for centuries as well as a unique way of tapping the meridians as well as working directly on an organ level, We even have a very useful way of doing FREEWAY-CER over the phone for long distant clients who can't come to your office or clinic.
FREEWAY-CER is a complete system of healing which works on all levels of our being, during a session we clear a persons issues at cause, we do not just chase symptoms, past, present, and future are addressed during a session and we even have a technique that is used at the end of a session to balance and calm the system which leaves the client feeling tranquil and relaxed.
Whilst FREEWAY-CER is a complete system of healing FREEWAY-CER also fits in well with and works in conjunction with other forms of therapy including: Hypnotherapy; NLP; Cognitive Forms of Therapy; Psychotherapy; Counselling; also Healing.

For more info go to website: and go to the free downloads page and double click on free articles button and then click on The FREEWAY-CER System icon.

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FREEWAY-CER is arguably the most amazingly easy to use and most effective form of Meridian Energy Therapy in the world today. We are now training people worldwide to become practitioners and also appointing from those who have used the System effectively we intend to appoint more Tutors


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