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FREEWAY-CER comes to us from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, adapted for modern day use, utilising ancient knowledge from over 3000 years ago. FREEWAY-CER is more than a tapping routine, it uses ancient Chi Gung methods which have been passed down from the Great Grand Masters, Ancient Ayurvedic methods for a healthy diet which are compatible for each individual’s make-up.
Ancient sound healing is also used for specific organs to keep them healthy. Breath control methods for instant relaxation, advanced healing methods which have been used for centuries as well as a unique way of tapping the meridians as well as working directly on an organic level, we even have a very useful way of doing FREEWAY-CER over the phone for long distant clients who can't come to your office or clinic.
FREEWAY-CER is a complete system of healing which works on all levels of our being, during a session we help our client clear personal issues at cause, we do not just chase symptoms, past, present, and future are addressed during a session and we even have a technique that is used at the end of a session to balance and calm the system which leaves the client feeling tranquil and relaxed.
Whilst FREEWAY-CER is a complete system of healing FREEWAY-CER also fits in well with and works in conjunction with other forms of therapy including: Hypnotherapy; NLP; Cognitive Forms of Therapy; Psychotherapy; Counseling; and also Healing.
FREEWAY-CER System is not just a simple technique but also a comprehensive system of elements that together have helped many people over the years to gain relief from a wide variety of uncomfortable conditions
Already Therapists have been trained to use it in the UK, USA and Brazil. Over a period of years, we have developed the amazing FREEWAY -CER (Change Energy Routine) and a comprehensive system including: exercises, procedures, advice and guidance on several useful self development elements. FREEWAY-CER has proven beyond any doubt to be a complete Self Development System that can be used by almost anyone for rapid change and improvement in life. Although it is a complete system, it can also be used alongside other therapeutic systems to enhance their effectiveness.
The CER Technique which we now use for most change work, differs in many ways from other energy therapies in that it has only 8 points, it incorporates several yawns, a new type of affirmation, takes approx. 1 minute per round, can be used for tapping, rubbing, pressing and releasing, or it can be used internally and silently without any of these. It also incorporates a way of invoicing a completion statement at the end of each treatment. Its development is based on energy theories that we have researched, adapted and devised over the last 17 years.
Already people all over the world are experiencing benefits from using the system. FREEWAY-CER has been used to help people gain relief and remission from:
Anxiety, nervousness, panics, depression, Lack of confidence, low self esteem, lack of concentration, studying & passing exams, passing driving tests
Phobias including: flying, heights, spiders, choking, mice, onions, darkness, open spaces,
Addictions including; tobacco, alcohol and hard and soft drugs including; heroin, methadone cocaine;
Eating disorders, insomnia, low self esteem, behavioral disorders, aggressiveness, PTSD, PMT, pains without any medical causes; plus an endless list of other symptomatic and painful conditions.
Most other Meridian Energy Therapies since their conception have had more and more bits added on and more and more complications are added almost on a daily basis.
Tom & Bev have closely guarded FREEWAY – CER and due to its ultra – effectiveness there have been no changes necessary since its first conception. It works wonderfully as it is; so why change anything?

Below is a explanation of the search which led to the birth of FREEWAY-CER by Tom Bolton.

“I travelled the world extensively for 14 years from 1956 to 1970. I was amazed as some of things that I personally witnessed. These included superhuman feats of strength, mystical forms of meditation, amazing healing and unexplainable feats of magic.

When I left the navy I went thru a very trying period in my life. In 1984 I was taught an amazing technique from the Ageless Wisdom teachings which caused a mind blowing awakening within me and quantum leap into a new life...

Soon after that I became a member of the Theosophical Society and also joined an exclusive inner secret group of seekers. I carried out intensive research into the Vedas, the Taoist texts, Buddhism, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Qi Gong, The Bible, Kahuna magic, Sufi mysticism, and spent some time studying the beauty of the spiritual aspects of martial arts whilst getting fit with Shotakan Karate workouts.

Then I met Bev a very intuitive and wonderful person (my soulmate) and between us with the research I had carried out and with her insights and intuitions we created FREEWAY-CER and used it for our own work with clients.

So although there is a strong connection with the Eastern Taoist and Vedic traditions in fact FREEWAY-CER is born out of a complex blending of our intuitions and global Wisdom teachings. The real truth of all is FREEWAY-CER is born the child of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of THE WORLD”

End Quote By Tom Bolton.
Tom Bolton & Beverley Anderson can be contacted here Contact

As you can see from the above, FREEWAY-CER has it’s roots in Eastern Philosophy and studies that led to Tom & Bev constructing a system of healing which is Holistic in nature, FREEWAY-CER is more than just a simple tapping routine.

The research Tom & Bev have done over the years is now being shared in a way that cuts out all the ritualistic and nonsensical methods which bog down other systems and use only what works in a truly effective way. Since FREEWAY-CER ‘s inception there has been some subtle yet profound changes that enhance the system to what it is today, a truly effective system that has proven itself time and time again with a myriad of symptoms on an emotional level as well as physical symptoms and helping a person to develop spiritually also.

Tom & Bev now feel it is time for the World to learn and share the teachings of FREEWAY-CER, and in this time of people wanting results now, FREEWAY-CER offers the solution to enable people to be free.

Quotes from Dez Sellars: I personally use FREEWAY-CER in my clinic in preference to any other meridian therapy system I have been taught, the reason for this is because FREEWAY-CER is a complete system of health and healing that really does make a difference to peoples life’s.

whilst I did get success with other meridian systems, I found that issues returned, and knowing what I know now about the philosophy and background, as well as the in depth way which Tom & Bev Teach FREEWAY-CER, I am able to deal with and help my clients, family and myself to become more balanced, happy, healthier and free of restrictions which hold us back in life.

FREEWAY-CER is a balanced system which gets to address the whole system, on all levels of a persons being and not just parts of the energy system which in my opinion is where other Met’s fail.

I have been using FREEWAY-CER for the last 2 years and it is now my privilege to be awarded the status of Practitioner Tutor and I run workshops for the public as well as offering quality teachings that have been taught to me by Tom & Bev.

Dez Sellars
FREEWAY-CER Practitioner Tutor.
July 13th 2006


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