Thursday, September 14, 2006

Below a couple of insights by Tom Bolton Co-Creator FREEWAY-CER Meridian Energy Therapy

Life’s Game Walk On-played by Men and Women

We enter form for experience,
to manifest, expand and grow.
living for Spirit in Matter,
individualised by Maya and Ego.

Emotions, thoughts, self-consciousness,
loves’, devotions’, hate,
some qualities that are possessed
by man and woman his mate.

Through eons, free will have been earned,
but there is a price to pay,
for we are always accountable
for our actions on the way.

The great laws of the Universe,
set the rules in this life’s game,
sometimes we try to break them,
but they always stay the same.

Onwards always travelling,
from life through death to life,
treading the wheel eternally,
with joys and fears and strife.

Spiralling slowly then faster,
onward towards the light
until that wonderful moment,
when brightness shatters darkest night.

Then we stand on the threshold,
the father radiant loves-light,
but glancing over the shoulder,
we see in the darkness humanities plight.

Then paradox comes into play,
merge with bliss and fade away,
or return to life with open arms,
with compassion and love and
A Masters charms. Walk On.

John and Tom Walk On

John was born of humble stock,
Tom was bred with money.
John had poverty and poor food,
Tom had milk and honey.

Both were given fairest chance
Gained from previous times,
John to struggle to survive
Tom to taste the wines.

When they grew up, they went out
Into life’s great way,
John to work hard and to toil,
Tom always, to play.

Many years passed by that way,
Until that fateful Augean day
When in battle they both fell down,
Mortally wounded for King and crown.

Passing through a portals light
They both saw a being shinning bright;
Who beckoned with his hand to John,
But didn’t seem to notice Tom.

John was lead into a realm
Of music, peace and light,
There he met those ones he’d loved
Who’d passed from his earthly sight.

Then Tom remembered everything,
About his life on the Earth,
His cruelty, greed and laziness,
From end back to his birth.

I must return to Earth’s great school,
As soon as fate allows,
This time for a life of toil and sweet,
My soul there to arouse.


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